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Open Research & Clinical Trials

Arkansas Gastroenterology has been participating in clinical research for over 20 years. We have full time, fully trained research coordinators and nurses.  Our research staff is supervised by the physicians of Arkansas Gastroenterology, who have training and expertise in clinical research.  Most of these trials evaluate the safety and efficacy of new investigational medications.  These trials have evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).  We participate in some phase II and primarily phase III studies.  The investigational medications have already undergone testing in human subjects.  These studies are also approved and monitored by an independent ethics committee called an Institutional Review Board.

Most of our studies are funded by private industry.  Participation in a clinical study is a totally voluntary process.  Clinical research is essential for evaluation of new medications and treatments for many medical problems.  Participation in a study allows one to play a vital role in this process, and potentially helping others with the same medical problem.  In addition, volunteers have access to newer treatments before they are widely available.

Informed consent is obtained at the beginning of any clinical trial.  You will be able yo review the consent, discuss with the coordinators and your physician, and ask questions about any part of the study.  Even after agreeing to participate, you can change your mind and stop participating at any time.  the medical care including testing, procedures office visits, and study medication is provided for free during most of our studies.  Most studies also pay the volunteers a small fee of their participation.

Our clinical trials involve conditions encountered in gastroenterology.  Conditions we have studied and are currently studying include; gastroesophageal reflux, eosinophilic esphagitis, gastroparesis, Crohns disease, ulcerartive colitis, irritable bowel syndrome, chronic constipation, hepatitis C, and fatty liver disease.

Our Research Team:

Research Staff ArkGI
Research Staff ArkGI
Research Staff ArkGI
Research Staff ArkGI
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