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Patient Education

Our People Make Us Special

We Offer The Best Team

Whether you’re visiting for a check-up, or are in for a procedure, you can always trust that you will receive the very best of care. Our staff is here to make your time with us as pleasant as possible. If you have questions or need to contact our office to schedule an appointment call 501-945-3343.

Office Staff ArkGI

Office Adminstrator

This is Barbara, you can contact her at or call 501-945-3343.


Office Staff

From Left to Right: Dawn, Savannah, Jona, and Marsha


Nursing Staff

Standing From Right to Left: Amanda, Stephanie, Frances, and Sara Seated:  Carla, Karrie, Logan

Research Staff ArkGI

Research Staff

From Left to Right: Stephanie, Amie, Kenneth and Courtney

Lab Staff ArkGI

Lab Staff

From Left to Right: Christy and Jeremy

Billing Staff ArkGI

Billing Staff

From Left to Right: Megan and Marcy

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